Means of Rescue (MOR) for RO/RO Passenger Ships - 10 persons capacity
The SurvitecZodiac MOR (Means of Rescue) is of a unique design. It has been specially developed to meet the latest requirements introduced for Roll On/Roll Off passenger ships and is fully approved. Now mandatory on board RO/RO passenger ships, it provides a safe transfer of survivors from sea level to the deck of the ship in rescue operations.

Rescue Ramp For TEMPSC
The rescue ramp is designed to assist boarding of conscious or unconscious from the water into a TEMPSC craft. It can come packed bare in a vacuum pouch or in a handy carrying valise. Packed size is approximately 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m (3'3" x 1'8" x 1'8").
Personal Rescue Device
Supplied with Marine grade 31b stainless steel snap hooks, heaving lines and heaving strop for swift and simple installation, deployment and use. Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) CPRD is available in two sizes as a complete kit: 3 x 14 or 4 x 15, Supplied in a robust high-visibility valise, compact enough to be stowed in the craft, Comes complete with Hypalon patch fixing kits to enable attachment to the inflatable tubes on the craft. Rescue Stretcher Kit (MORS) uses a block and tackle or davit arrangement to allow retrieval to be made horizontally without risking further injury to the casualty, The Rescue Stretcher is available in two sizes: 9 x 8 or 11 x 10, Additional high visibility floats can be fitted, supplying positive buoyancy to the end of the PRD.