The DBC Marine Evacuation Chute (MEC) System is fast becoming known as the most efficient, easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-effective marine evacuation system available in the world today.
As a gravity-launch system (opposed to slide and davit-mounted liferaft systems), DBC's MEC System evacuates passengers and crew with the utmost safety in the shortest possible time.

Product Features
  • Extremely easy to use
    The system is designed for maximum efficiency with minimum effort. DBC offers extensive crew training, however the system is less complicated to operate, with fewer crew than other systems.

  • Safety built in
    All components of the system are fully adjustable to accommodate all wind, weather, and sea conditions. The zig-zag design of the chute ensures the safe descent of passengers. The chute also has a protective cover and fender system which guards passengers against environmental hazards including contact with the ship or effects of smoke and heat from a fire.

  • Flexibility is key
    Because DBC's system is lightweight, compact, and easily mounted without a major alterations, it will fit on both existing and new designs of vessels. It can also be easily transferred from vessel to vessel.

  • The best solution for the least money
    The initial investment in an MEC System as well as the cost of installation, maintenance and service is significantly lower than other types of marine evacuation systems.

  • First time, every time
    The MEC System is much less complex than other evacuation systems. The combination of simple yet sophisticated design and the high quality of each component assures system reliability. Turnaround for any service that is required can be within 24 hours.

  • One supplier you can trust
    DBC's MEC System is a complete end to end system manufactured to SOLAS requirements. DBC ensures all components of the system are designed to be of the highest quality and will work effectively with all other components of the system.