DBC Leisure

Value for money
  • Extended service period of 3 years, reducing your on-going cost.
  • Manufactured from long lasting corrosion and abrasion resistant PVC.
  • High Volume water pockets to ensure maximum stability when inflated.
  • Simple to close canopy, manufactured to SOLAS standards, providing added protection from the elements.
  • Semi-rigid boarding ramp allows for quick, easy and safe boarding.
  • Interior lifelines help occupants stabilize themselves during heavy seas.
  • Exterior pressure relief valves ensure excess CO2 is not released into the liferaft.
  • Vacuum packed into corrosion resistant containers for prolonged durability.
  • Orange high visibility canopy with retro-reflective panels to help speed up the search and rescue process.
  • Canopy fitted with internal and external light to ensure optimum visibility
  • Available in two packaging options – a weather proof valise or a tough, lightweight container.
  • Revolutionary container design, developed in conjunction with an award-winning design house, is not only aesthetically pleasing but lightweight and compact taking up little deck space.
  • New design features include handles to ensure ease of manoeuvrability and a document holder to allow the inclusion of important certificates.
  • 12 Year fabric and seam (subject to regular service inspection).

ISO9650 Type 1 Group A Liferafts:
The ISO raft series is Lloyds approved to the ISO ISO9650-1 standards.

COASTAL Liferafts:

Yachting Liferafts


Suitcase Container


Manufactured and tested under the most stringent conditions to ensure their readiness for immediate use, the DBC Swiftsure inflatable rafts conform to RORC and IORC standards, with major components identical to those used by DBC in their United States and Canadian Coast Guard approved liferafts which are built to SOLAS standards.

Optional equipment includes a choice of stowage and various emergency packs as specified below.

Full and efficient product support is provided to DBC customers through a worldwide network of authorized service stations.

10 year warranty on buoyancy tube fabric. (Warranty subject to annual inspection by an authorized DBC approved service station).


The Life-Pac has been designed, engineered and built for use aboard inshore vessels and coastal recreational boats.

This four person liferaft can be packed in either a valise or deck mounted low profile container and comes with all the necessary equipment to aid secure liferaft operation and rescue.

This liferaft is manufactured using the same quality process, materials and components as the offshore Swiftsure model and incorporates many of the same features as the commercial liferafts.

Our Swiftsure liferaft has been designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions experienced by any vessel engaged in offshore passage making. Whether deep sea fishing or enjoying blue water sailing, mariners world-wide appreciate the design, quality construction and flexibility offered in the Swiftsure liferaft. The Swiftsure is constructed identically to our USCG/TC Coastal liferaft.

Available in either a 4, 6 or 8 person size this liferaft has been designed and built using the same standards as our Coast Guard approved and SOLAS liferafts. The Swiftsure is affordable and offers flexibility with two stowage arrangements and optional equipment while providing an impressive list of standard features. This liferaft conforms to RORC and IORC standards.

For those Offshore Sailors who require the ultimate in features, DBC offers the blue water mariner the Swiftsure-Global liferaft. This raft is available with either a "Basic" or "Offshore" equipment pack configuration and is packed in either a low profile container or valise. Available in 4, 6 or 8 person sizes.

Additional features of the Swiftsure-Global are an inflatable boarding ramp that provides easier entry. In addition, a double canopy and floor offers increased insulation qualities and an external and internal light that can be manually turned off.

The Swiftsure-Global is constructed identically to our USCG/CCG SOLAS approved liferaft. DBC is the only liferaft manufacturer that construct their yachting range to these standards.

Technical Data

Equipment Life-pac
Basic Pack
Basic Pack
Racing Pack
Offshore Pack
Paddle Bag 1 1 1 1
Paddles 2 2 2 2
Pump 1 1 1 1
Bailer 1 1 1 1
Leak Stoppers 1 set 1 set 1 set 1 set
O-P Relief Valve Plug   2 2 2
Flashlight c/w Batteries & Spare Bulb 1 1 1 1
Repair Kit 1 1 1 1
First Aid Kit     1 1
Drinking Water     0.5L/person 1.5L/person
Dripping Cup     1 1
Rations (1/2 Kg)       1/person
Fishing Kit       1/person
Heliograph Mirror     1 1
Parachute Rockets     2 2
Hand Flares     3 6
Sea Sick Tablets     6/person 6/person
Batteries (spare)     1 set 1 set
Whistle 1 1 1 1
Sponge 2 2 2 2
Deflate Key 2 2 2 2
Act Now Booklet 1 1 1 1
Sea Anchor 1 1 1 1
Rescue Line & Quoit 1 1 1 1
Safety Knife 1 1 1 1
Can Opener     2 2

Size &
Pack Type
Valise Suitcase
W x L x H
Weight Dimensions
W x L x H
(Includes Cradle)
4 Person
Basic 24"x12"x12"
44 lbs (20kg) 27"x19"x13"
59 lbs (27kg)
4 Person Basic 28"x11"x11"
59 lbs (27kg) 31"x20"x11"
84 lbs (38kg)
Racing 30"x13"x12"
68 lbs (31kg) 34"x23"x12"
99 lbs (45kg)
Offshore 32"x16"x14"
83 lbs (38kg) 34"x23"x12"
114 lbs (52kg)
6 Person Basic 30"x13"x12"
64 lbs (29kg) 34"x23"x12"
95 lbs (43kg)
Racing 33"x16"x14"
76 lbs (35kg) 34"x23"x12"
107 lbs (49kg)
Offshore 36"x18"x16"
99 lbs (45kg) 34"x23"x15"
128 lbs (58kg)
8 Person Basic 33"x16"x14"
78 lbs (36kg) 34"x23"x12"
113 lbs (51kg)
Racing 36"x18"x16"
92 lbs (42kg) 34"x23"x15"
125 lbs (57kg)
Offshore 36"x18"x16"
121 lbs (55kg) 34"x23"x15"
154 lbs (70kg)
4 Person Global Basic 30"x13"x12"
67 lbs (32kg) 34"x23"x12"
94 lbs (43kg)
Offshore 36"x18"x16"
95 lbs (43kg) 33"x22"x13"
118 lbs (54kg)
6 Person Global Basic 36"x18"x16"
78 lbs (36kg) 34"x23"x12"
109 lbs (50kg)
Offshore 36"x18"x16"
111 lbs (50kg) 34"x23"x15"
140 lbs (67kg)
8 Person Global Basic 36"x18"x16"
84 lbs (38kg) 34"x23"x15"
117 lbs (53kg)
Offshore 36"x20"x16"
140 lbs (60kg) 35"x25"x16"
160 lbs (73kg)

Note: Container dimensions and weights are approximate, and do not include cradle. (cradle adds approx. 2 in height to above dimensions).