The US Coast Guard issued a notice (click here to view) that will phase out approval for any survival craft in which an individual is immersed in the water by January 1st 2015. Survitec Group has taken an leadership position for assisting sea-goers by providing easily accessible information about the change, as well as recommendations for replacing your equipment with suitable products that meet the new USCG guidelines. The key factors for determining what life raft will meet your needs are:
- What is the size of your vessel?
- What is the passenger load?
- Does it stay in Local waters, or does it enter international waters?
For vessels that stay close to home, our Yachtline or has configurations that accommodate 4, 6, or 8 people. Another solution for vessels that go further out, but still need to meet the USCG-approval requirements, is the DBC line of Approved Liferafts - also available in 4, 6, and 8 person configurations.
Please contact us by phone at 604-278-3221 or email at to find the nearest dealer or distributor, or discuss how we can best supply the survival craft that meets your needs.