In order to help customers comply with the new I.M.O. RO-RO passenger ship regulations, DBC Marine has developed a new generation of canopied reversible liferafts which are stable in a seaway and are capable of operating safely whichever way up they are floating.
These 'patent pending' liferafts feature a "Sea Smart" vertical pillar which automatically serves as a means to elevate the dual-sided canopy to the most appropriate position. Also incorporated in this unique design is a new ballast system which provides increased stability. Each liferaft will be stowed in a rack equipped with a remote release system and the method of stowage will allow float free deployment of the liferafts.

Available in 50-person and the largest liferaft of its kind in the world, the 150-person, these reversible liferafts are engineered for safe, long-lasting use.

Technical Data
Low Profile Container
Size Dimensions L x W x H Weight Includes Cradle)
50 Person - 'B Pack' 61" x 33" (1550 mm x 840 mm) 550 lbs (250 kg)
100 Person - 'B Pack' 89" x 46" (2260mm x 1160mm) 1165 lbs (530 kg)
* 150 person reversible liferaft is T.C. approved only.