Aviation Survival Kits

Survitec Survival Kits offers a wide range of regulation and custom options for any airspace operation.  For Canadian rotary and fixed wing operations, we offer standard regulatory, arctic, basic, and custom CARs Aircraft Survival Kits.  For US operations, we offer Alaska and Lower 48 regulated Aircraft Survival Kits, as well as combined Canadian and US certified kits in one container.

Custom kits are built for North American and offshore operations to your requirements.

All containers are waterproof, dust proof, industructible hard cases.

All Survitec Aircraft Survival Kits have a unique Serial Number and a Wire Seal.  Each Kit has one expiry date, two years from the date of manufacture or last service by Survitec.  Our database generates an automatic recertification notice one month prior to expiry.  We service all makes of Aircraft Survival Kits.  All new Survival Kits are made to order